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Wide Range

KNECHT services the world market in three distinct ways: with grinding machines for different fields of use, and with a professional cutter knife grinding and process monitoring service.

This wide range of expertise allows us to custom-tailor products and services to meet your companys specific needs. Our goal is to keep your production processes operating at a high level of quality and efficiency. We are always close at hand to ensure malfunctions and downtime are kept to a minimum.

Our ability to find the best possible solution is exemplified by the new K 24 Cutterknife System, which is notably easier and safer to handle than conventional systems. It also stands apart for being resistant to corrosion and abrasions, making it longer lasting and more economical.

We recognize the importance of flexibility and easy standardization, and are constantly looking for new and better ways to use technology to your advantage.

KNECHT Maschinenbau GmbH

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