• S 20
S 20

Universal Wet-Sharpening Machine S 20

The S 20 is a universal grinding machine for all conventional cutter knives as well as circular knives, hand knives and other cutting tools. The innovative knife guiding carriage enables sharpening, polishing and deburring of cutter knives in one clamp.

  • Convertable in seconds from sickle to linear cutter knife sharpening. In order to changing the knife without any danger, a locking mechanism prevents the knife from swivelling out unintentionally.
  • Precise and safe guiding of the knife thanks to clamping mechanism. This means a high degree of safety with minimum effort. For a long service life of the cutting edges.
  • Wet grinding belt for extremely fine surfaces of the cutting tools. With profiled rubber contact wheel for the right grinding resistance to the knife.
  • Cup grinding wheel to easily repair badly damaged cutting tools. Required grinding angle infinitely adjustable.
  • Finned brush for the fine trimming of the cutting edge: The precisely adjusted circumferential speed and the ideally coordinated brush resistance level out any handling errors. For a cutting edge which remains sharp for a long time.
  • Coolant pump for the individual supply of grinding stations with water prevents overheating of the grinding tools when grinding.

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