• S 200
  • S 200
S 200

Universal Wet-Sharpening Machine S 200

The wet grinding and honing machine S 200 is suitable for grinding a large number of different knives. Ultra-fine surfaces are applied to cutter knives, hand knives and cleavers on the wet-grinding belt.

  • profiled rubber contact wheel for the right grinding resistance to the knife
  • cup grinding wheel for removing a large amount of material. Seriously damaged cutting tools can be easily repaired. Chamfered edges, e.g. on circular knives, are applied to the cup grinding wheel
  • finned brush for the polishing and deburring of the cutting edge, providing long-lasting sharpness
  • clamping devices for machine knives enable precise angular grinding for  a reduced effort and fatigue-free work
  • the S 200 can be enhanced with a wide range of accessories, meeting the user's exact requirements
  • selection of clamping devices according to the machine knives which are to be ground
  • available as a table-mounted model with a sub-frame or as a convenient pedestal model

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