• USK 160 S
  • USK 160 S
  • USK 160 S
USK 160 S

Universal Wet-Sharpening Machine USK 160 S

The Universal Wet-Sharpening Machine USK 160 S is suitable for universal use. The various grinding stations qualify it as a reliable tool for butcher shops, abattoirs, meat packing plants, sharpening services and more. The machine enables you to sharpen a variety of cutting tools such as butcher knives, boning knives, chef’s knives and cutlery. Bowl cutter knives up to 120 l. are given precise and angle true cutting edges with the belt grinding attachment HV 161.

  • Hand knife grinding attachment HV 150
    In conjunction with the HV 150, the machine is ­specially designed for sharpening hand knives. The knife guides ensure that the hand knives are sharpened with the correct cutting edge angle at all times. Additional integrated magnets support the guidance of the knife and make the grinding process extremely simple. The long-life CBN grinding wheels are water-cooled.
  • Wet-grinding belt
    The wet-grinding belt ensures a very fine cutting tool surface. The profiled rubber contact wheel applies the exact amount of grinding resistance to the knife.
  • Finned grinding wheel
    Fine grinding of the cutting tools takes place on the water cooled finned grinding wheel. The soft fins lie against the knife profile. The fine grit gently removes only small amounts of material, thus preserving the knife.
  • Wet-honing wheel
    The wet-honing wheel removes the burr caused by ­sharpening. The result is a sharp knife with a smooth surface and long tool life.
  • Polishing disk (optional)
    The polishing disk produces a finely polished surface and a burr-free, very smooth cutting edge. The precisely ­adjusted peripheral surface speed and the optimally balanced polishing disk resistance  compensate for operational mistakes.
  • Serration grinding wheel (optional)
    Serration grinding wheels of various pitches enable quick and easy teething of cutlery knives. The wheels are be mounted on the machine in place of the finned grinding wheel. Cutlery knives are sharpened in three steps: Grinding out the old profile with the wet-grinding belt – teething on the serration grinding wheel – ­polishing and deburring with the polishing disk.
  • Belt grinding attachment HV 161
    The belt grinding attachment enables angle true cutting edges on bowl cutter knives up to 120 l. with ­minimal effort. This means safe, precise and fatigue-proof ­working for the operator.
  • Health-supporting technology
    A coolant pump supplies the individual sharpening stations with water. The cutting edges cannot be overheated during the sharpening process. The coolant water binds the grinding abrasion and avoid it from circulating in the air. This protects the operator’s respiratory system. The machine is cleaned by simply hosing it down.

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