• W 200
W 200 II

Surface Grinding Machine W 200 II

The W 200 II sharpens mincer plates and knives, cutting sets of inline grinders, as well as cutting sets of emulsifiers with a diameter up to 200 mm. Plane-parallelism is two hundredths of a millimeter. The machine provides:

  • Perfect grinding results
    The workpieces are fixed onto the rotary table by centering pieces. Using the 6-bar support, uneven workpieces also seat in a solid position on the rotary table.

  • Simple and safe operation
    If the grinding unit is moved up after the grinding process, all drives, including the coolant supply, stop. The same happens when opening the working room during grinding. To start all drives, it is only necessary to press one button.

  • Precise to the smallest detail
    The feed lever for combined operation of rapid feed and fine feed allows the grinding wheel to approach the workpiece very quickly with minimum effort. Nonproductive times are reduced to a minimum by this technology.

  • Health supporting technology
    The optional suction unit removes floating particles from the  encapsulated workroom. This enables visibility during the grinding process. The operators respiratory system will be protected.

    The W 200 II coolant circuit ensures continuous cooling of the workpieces. They are reliably prevented from overheating.

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