Hydromechanical clamping nut HSM 100

The clamping nut compensates for linear expansions of the cutting system caused by temperature changes, e.g. in cooking cutters. Bending of clamping elements due to excessive clamping force is therefore impossible. This increases the breaking resistance of the cutter knives. Regardless of the operating condition, the knives are always clamped with the same force.

There is no friction between the clamping nut and the last ring of the clamping system and therefore no wear.

The HSM 100 does not require any clamping wrench. With a small hydraulic hand pump the cutter knives are clamped quickly, easily and reliably with approx. 90 kN (9 tons). The pump is equipped with an overload protection. This protects the cutting system from overstressing due to excessive clamping force.