KNECHT Cutter Knives

During the cutting process, high loads act on the cutting system. Centrifugal forces occur due to the rotation of the knives. In addition, the feed of the cutter bowl and the resistance of the chopped product exert strong lateral forces on the knives.

Each time the knives enter the mass and leave the bowl, they are subjected to enormous alternating loads. Depending on the speed of the knives, several thousand times per minute.

In addition, galvanic currents occur which, in conjunction with chemical reactions caused by salt, spices and meat juice, can lead to corrosion at the clamping points of the cutter knives.

The K 24 cutter knife system is the result of our many years of experience in close cooperation with food processing companies. State-of-the-art development, calculation- and manufacturing processes have produced an innovative cutter knife system which is characterized by

easy and safe handling – highly smooth running – maximum breakage resistance – and individual adaptation to the production requirements of our customers.