• KLA 220 - HV 153
KLA 220 - HV 153

Honing Machine for Circular Knives KLA 220 - HV 153

Sharpness, cutting angle and cutting edge width of a circular knife have a big influence on the quality of the cut products.

The KLA 220 - HV 153 creates exactly ground and precisely angled cutting edges. And it retains the original circular shape.

It is suitable for sharpening flat and saucer-shaped circular knives with diameters from 60 mm (2.36 in) up to 475 mm (18.7 in) with single and double beveled edges.

  • The circular knives are driven electrically. Thus, they remain absolutely round.
  • The cutting angle can be set continuously variable. The adjusted value is displayed on a clear scale.
  • The speed of one of the two pairs of honing wheels can be regulated variable via a potentiometer (optionally). Thus, single beveled cutting edges can be easily ground.

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