Automatic Sharpening and Polishing Machine B 500

The B 500 sharpens, polishes and deburrs up to 100 cutter knives (500 l) per 8-hour shift, fully automatically. The average sharpening and polishing time per knife runs from 3-5 minutes, depending on the blade size. With each regrinding the complete blade profile is processed. There is very little material removal from the knife. A 500 l cutter knife can be reground up to 40 times.

Fully automatically, gentle and accurately shaped

High operational safety

100 cutter knives per shift

Linear-shaped knives as well as sickle-shaped knives can be ground. The maximum knife size is 500 mm (19.7 in).

The B 500 is very easy to control. The operator determines the most important functions, such as the number of the grinding and polishing cycles and the crowning of the knife, via touch panel directly on the machine. This means that with every ­resharpening, the blade is given a cutting edge tailored exactly to the product.

The created grinding programs are stored in the data memory of the machine. The number of grinding programs is unlimited. Updates and new programs are loaded onto the B 500 online.

The advantages at a glance

Copy clamping plate SP 112

Copy clamping plate SP 112

The plate contains all necessary information about the shape and size of the knife. Each knife type receives its own custom-made copy clamping plate. Inconvenient ­programming and adjusting is unnecessary. This means simple and fast handling. It only takes one minute to change over the machine to a different knife type.


Water resistant wet-grinding belts are used to grind the knives. Up to 40 cutter knives (500 - 750 l) can be ground with one belt. The operator controls the grinding pressure using a potentiometer.
Polishing drives

Polishing drives

The polishing brushes are provided with polishing paste in freely programmable cycles. The polishing pressure can be regulated individually.
Sharpening principle

Sharpening principle

After pressing the start button the knife moves to the start position. An approach check detects the wear of the knife and starts the chosen grinding program. After ­sharpening, the machine first polishes the knife surface. Then the cutting tool is quickly and gently deburred.

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B 500 – Grinding sickle-shaped cutter knives
B 500 – Grinding linear cutter knives
B 500 – Adjusting the grinding angle
B 500 – Changing the wet grinding belt
B 500 – Changing the deburring brushes
B 500 – Changing the polishing brush
B 500 – Changing the polishing pastes
B 500 – Lubricating the guides
B 500 – Removing fault in flow monitor