• K24 Kuttermessersystem
K24 cutter knife system

New ways

With the K24 system, KNECHT above all revolutionised the construction and holding unit of knives in order to make handling as easy and safe as possible.

Instead of using expensive retaining rings of conventional knife systems, the K24 uses a combination of a toothed profile sleeve and simple intermediate rings. It is pushed over the cutter spindle of the cutter. The cutter knives feature a circular toothing on the knife base, which interlocks with the profile sleeve fixing the knives. The K24 does not need parts such as bolts or screws.

Considerably increased security against fracture

intermediate ring

Simple intermediate rings are inserted beetween the knife pairs. As they do not have a holding function anymore, they are completely made of soft materials like plastic.

Thus, there is no longer steel on steel on the clamping area of the knives. Corrosion on the clamping are is effectively prevented.

By using soft materials for the intermediate rings, the vibrations of the knives are absorbed. Abrupt loads on the cutter knives are reduced and security against fracture is considerably increased.

Reduction in operating costs

Due to the high lateral forces during the cutting process, the clamping rings of every clamping system are subject to wear. Instead of expensive retaining rings, the K24 cutterknife system uses simple intermediate rings, which can be replaced at low cost when worn.

Simplified handling and increased safety


The teeth prevent tipping or accidental loosening of the knives even with a knife head that is not clamped. This minimizes the risk of injury when handling the cutting system.

The high-precision production of the profile sleeve and of the knives ensures effortless assembly and disaddembly of the knives.

High flexibility

profile sleeve

The profile sleeve allows assembly of the knices in 24 different positions (15° offset). This enables many knife combinations.

Depending on the oprational requirement, the K24 cutterknife system always allows use of the optimum knife combination.

Standardisation of production

Sausage production requires consistent high quality.

The K24 cutterknife system can be used on any bowl cutter. The cutting system can therefore also be standardised when using different bowl cutter types and brands.

The knives

Three knife shapes for boiled sausage, dry sausage and sausage meat are available for the K24 cutterknife system. The knife shapes which are already known from the DELTA cutterknife system have been further optimised.

Balancing and Clamping

power lock nut

The K24 cutterknife system is rounden off by the balancing system and the power lock nut. A combination of balancing filling plate andbalancing ring provide optimum running smoothness. The balancing system is adjusted one-time at the inital installation. A subsequent balancing ist not necessary.

The integrated planetary gear of the power lock nut ensures that the manual torque is multiplied. A clamping force of 120 kN is achieved (corresponds to 12 t). No friction occurs between the las ring and the power lock nut.

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